Picture Library and Artist Agency
About us

-> What Is Prodigar?
Since June 2013, Prodigar Artist Agency and Picture Library, with its headquarter based in the heart of London, has worked day in, day out to promote rare and talented artists all over the world, showcasing our clientele’s new, refreshing, and exceptional portfolios.
-> What’s Special About Prodigar?
On our website, you will discover portfolios for various types of products, such as children books, greeting cards, fine art, advertising materials, editorial materials, stationary, and so on.   The portfolios have been organized in such way that users do not have to search long to find what they are looking for.
“User Friendly” and “Fastness” have been our leitmotiv.
-> Are We “Young”?
Yes, we certainly are! The agency is relatively young; however our staff has the advantage of being in the business for a decade.  We then gradually built a network of great clients and fabulous artists all around.
-> What Are Our Missions?
Firstly, we do our best to assist artists in their mission to succeed in what they love the most: Creation, Creation, Creation!
Secondly, we take on board all the other aspects such as meetings, paperwork, rights and licenses, trade shows, marketing, travel inland and abroad, maintenance, and constant innovation of our website.
Last, but not least, we work proactively with our clientele to showcase to them materials and ideas relevant to their business.
-> Conclusion
Come and chat with us. We would be delighted to hear from you!
The Prodigar Team

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